Getting A New Car

Car Shopping: Why Lease Instead Of Buy?

You're in the market for a new vehicle. Now is a great time to lease a new car instead of buying one. Whether you want to lease a Lexus or you're just curious what a car lease is all about, learn why it's better to lease a car instead of buying one. You can get a Lexus for lease at your local dealership that features this brand of vehicles.

Leasing can be cost-effective

One of the main reasons to lease a car instead of buying one is this: leasing can be more cost-effective than buying. A vehicle's lease payment is based on the depreciation of the vehicle, whereas when you buy a car, your monthly payments are always the same. In short, if you lease a car, you're pretty much always paying for its current market value, where when you buy a car, you're always paying on what the car was worth when you first bought it.

When you lease a car, you also don't have to usually put down a car payment. So long as you keep the mileage within the contracted amount and keep the car in great condition while you drive it, your vehicle lease can remain cheaper than buying a car in the long term.

Leasing can give you more options

When you lease a Lexus or other type of car, you lock yourself into a contract, usually around two to three years. A lease can be as short as 12 months or as long as five years, depending on the type of lease you get. If you like to upgrade vehicles on the regular and always have an accent to the most up and coming trends in Lexus and other car brands, then not locking yourself into a certain vehicle commitment, via doing a lease is a wise choice.

When your lease expires, you can have the option to return your vehicle to the dealership and begin a new lease on an upgraded model, or you can choose to buy the car you're driving if you do want to commit to a purchase. Your lease agreement will dictate whether the latter is an option. The shorter your auto lease agreement is, the more options you'll have for upgrading vehicles whenever you wish, even yearly if you desire.

Like buying a car, leasing a Lexus should be given thought and consideration. Stay within your budget and make sure your credit is in good condition before entertaining a lease on a Lexus or any vehicle.