Getting A New Car

4 Exciting Features For Your Next Sedan

Many drivers still turn to the sedan when they're ready for a new car. Sedans offer a good mix of beauty and comfort. Most of the new models have clean lines. Engineers have an eye for details, so even headlights and hood shut lines contribute to the beauty. What's more, they're exceptionally safe. Sedans offer some of the best stability and safety of any car.

When you start shopping for a new mid-sized sedan, such as the Hyundai Sonata, in your area, you'll probably notice they offer a lot of exciting features. Keep reading for some of the features cars like this offer.

1. Connectivity

Almost any new sedan is going to offer a level of connectivity for your devices. Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls is only the beginning. Some cars are so connected you can use a device to lock and unlock the car, open the trunk, and use remote start. The high-end models will even let you access the car from a short distance to back it out of a tight space.

This phone key serves a couple more options. For one, some models let you grant access to other drivers. This access can be temporary or permanent. To use the phone key, you usually hold it up to the handle of your car. You can also access just certain parts of the car, such as the trunk. This feature is useful if you want someone to place a package in the car while you're elsewhere.

2. Safety Tech

Safety technology is another common feature of new sedans. The safety tech movement started with the implementation of backup cameras, which let you see behind your car much better than turning your head ever could. Some mid-level sedans have incorporated even more cameras so you can see all the way around your car.

Many cars have implemented a system of safety sensors. The forward-collision sensors have become common. These sensors detect when the car is about to hit an object in front and engage the brakes. Some cars feature a lane-following assist, which helps drivers stay in their own lane. Some advanced sensors will warn you if you open a door and a car is approaching from behind.

3. Programmable Digital Dashboard

Modern sedans typically feature a digital dashboard. These dashboards have an LCD with a fluorescent display. An advantage of the digital dashboard is that it provides improved visibility in various lighting conditions. Digital dashboards will display the typical necessary information, such as speed and navigation commands.

The level of digital options depends on the car. For example, some digital dashboards will hook up to the cameras in the car. They'll display approaching cars if you engage your turn signal. With the top models, you can configure the display to your preferences. For example, you can program the dashboard to display navigation commands.

4. Audio and Navigation

Most sedans also offer a separate screen for navigation. This screen typically hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Most new models feature an HD touchscreen monitor. In addition to navigation, the new models usually hook up to some of the safety tech in your car.

The monitor is also the point of connectivity for your music. You can access the music on your phone. However, you may also be able to connect to the internet with most models. Some of the new monitors may even feature some of their own audio. For example, some cars' systems feature white noise sounds inspired by nature.

Not all of the above features are standard on midsize sedans. When you're out shopping for your new car, keep an eye out for the ones that intrigue you the most.