Getting A New Car

Significance Of Car Ground Clearance

If you are in the market for a new car, the ground clearance is one of the things you should consider. The ground clearance is the shortest vertical distance between the car and a flat surface. Below are some of the reasons you should not ignore the ground clearance.


According to, the center of gravity (COG) is the point at which a body's mass apparently concentrates. The location of the COG is why tall things topple more easily than short things. As long as there are no mitigating factors, a car with a high COG is less stable than one with a lower COG. A high COG increases the risk of rollovers, especially during extreme maneuvers, such as cornering at high speeds.

Driving Terrain

The ground clearance also determines the nature of the environment the car can traverse. Low ground clearance means the car cannot drive over roads with potholes or holes. The ground clearance should be higher than the obstacles on the roads over which you intend to drive the car — with some allowance.

Undercarriage Damage

You cannot know, at least not in advance, the exact roads your car will cover. This unpredictability means the car will inevitably experience some scratches or dents to its underside. The severity of the scratches and dents depends on the sizes of the road obstacles and ground clearance.

Note that undercarriage damage is not just a nuisance. The scratches and dents can damage the oil pan or the exhaust system. Undercarriage damage can also lead to accelerated corrosion of metal under the car.


Ground clearance determines COG, and COG determines how fast you can drive the car safely. Acceleration, braking, and cornering all affect how fast you can drive the car. All these are easy with a low COG. In addition, a low COG also leads to a better aerodynamic design than a high COG. Thus, you should get a car with a low ground clearance if you are after speed.


Lastly, a car's ground clearance can also affect the driver's visibility. Cars with low ground clearance tend to sit low, which affects how much of the road the driver can see. Raising the ground clearance also raises the drive's sitting position, giving them more visibility.

Hopefully, you will get a good car that will meet all or most of your needs. Don't forget to buy your car from a reputable dealership that will not only give you a good deal but will also give you a good car.

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