Getting A New Car

5 Things You May Be Surprised To Find On A New Family Sedan

In the process of shopping for a new car, getting to know all the new features available is part of the fun. Many new family sedans, such as new Kia cars, have some pretty attractive features that may come as a bit of a surprise to some buyers. 

Electronically-Controlled Suspension System 

Electronically-controlled suspension systems have long been a prized function in a lot of pickup trucks and luxury cars, but this upscale attribute is more accessible and affordable to build than ever. Therefore, electronic suspension systems are showing up on even family-style sedans. For example, some of the newest Kia cars for sale are outfitted with electronic suspension, which means the cars are designed to automatically compensate for changes in the road surface so you feel as little as possible. 

Turbocharged Engines 

When you hear about a turbocharged engine, you are probably thinking of something like a sports car or heavy-duty pickup truck. However, many standard engines are being developed with turbochargers integrated, even on family sedans. For example, some new Kia cars, such as the Kia Stinger, have a turbocharged engine. The extra power in the engine means more horsepower, but it can also mean more fuel efficiency for a car that has a smaller engine.

Pro-Performance Brakes

Even though pretty much all modern family sedans are outfitted with some of the best braking systems ever, many are now showing up with pro-performance braking systems. Pro-performance braking systems are typically installed on high-end vehicles like race cars and luxury vehicles, so they have supreme braking power, internal cooling technology, and other attributes that ensure their performance even under stress. 

Shift-by-Wire Transmissions 

Shift-by-wire transmissions are a relatively new-age implementation in modern vehicles. These transmissions are electronically controlled; the shifter is not directly connected to any component in the transmission. Instead, electronic sensors know when you change gears and signal the transmission to change to coincide. The beauty of this kind of transmission is there are fewer mechanisms where something can go wrong as the car gets older.

Driver Assistance Features 

Technology has evolved many of the ways vehicles are made, but some of the most beneficial technologies are those that assist the driver while on the roadway. Some sedans now have features like lane assist, parking assist, and blindspot warning signals. All of these are designed to help a driver avoid accidents and collisions, which is ever-important when you are traveling with your family.

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