Getting A New Car

Buy A Vehicle's "Sport" Model To Enjoy These Features

If you're shopping for a particular make and model of car and you've narrowed down your choices, it's important to realize that many types of vehicles have a number of specific "sub" models. For example, a given car will often have a four-door version, known as a sedan, a two-door version, known as a coupe, and may even have a hatchback model, too. You'll also frequently find that popular cars have "sport" models — typically, a two- or four-door model that has a number of race-inspired upgrades. Here are three features that you'll often encounter when you buy a vehicle's sport model.

High-Performance Tires And Wheels

A defining feature of many vehicles' sport models is that they come with high-performance tires and wheels. While some vehicle owners upgrade their tires and wheels over time, you'll likely appreciate that this sporty feature comes standard. Where tires are concerned, you might encounter tires that are slightly wider than conventional tires and have a low-profile look. Aluminum wheels are popular in sport models, which can help to give the car a race-inspired look that distinguishes it from the similar non-sport models.

Rear Spoiler

Visually, one feature that quickly sets a car's sport model apart from its conventional models is a rear spoiler. In terms of aerodynamics, a vehicle's spoiler is designed to increase a vehicle's down force, which will provide more grip for the rear tires. More grip allows the vehicle to perform better. This is why virtually every type of race car has a rear spoiler. If you're buying a sport model of car with the goal of doing some racing at a local track, you'll appreciate that the addition of the spoiler can increase your performance. In your day-to-day driving, there's little doubt that this highly visible feature will give your vehicle a sporty appearance.

Increased Horsepower

In terms of what's under the hood, a vehicle's sport model will almost always have more horsepower than its conventional coupe or sedan models. The increase in horsepower can vary between different models of cars, but this is a feature that you'll notice as soon as you put your foot on the gas during your test drive. More horsepower is not only valuable if you're racing at a local track, but it can also be useful for accelerating more quickly when you're passing a slower-moving vehicle on the highway.

Visit a local automotive dealership to learn more about options for sport models, such as a Honda Accord.