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Ready for a Travel Trailer? Things to Ask Your Dealer

A travel trailer is a pull-behind camper that you can haul with you as you go on your camping and travel adventures. Travel trailers vary in size and have features that your car doesn't, such as sleeping beds, a stove and refrigerator, and other benefits. A travel trailer is similar to a camper or a motor home but varies in size and doesn't come with its own motor.

What makes a travel trailer great is that you can unhook the trailer from your vehicle when you get to your destination. This allows you to be able to have both a camper and a vehicle to drive, independently from one another when you need it. As you explore your travel trailer options with your dealer, be sure to ask the following questions.

Sleeping capacity

Some travel trailers have pop-outs on them to make space for a bed at the end of the day, while others come standard with the space they have only. If you need a larger travel trailer that sleeps a lot of people, let your dealer know. They can help you choose the best travel trailer for your needs.

Size and weight

If you have an SUV or smaller vehicle that cannot haul a lot, you want a travel trailer that is smaller or more lightweight for easier hauling. A teardrop travel trailer may be ideal for you.

If you have a larger truck or even a full-size vehicle, then you may be able to haul whatever size travel trailer you want. Keep in mind, however, that the heavier a travel trailer is or the longer the unit is, the more gas it can cost your vehicle and the harder it may be to haul. However, hauling travel trailers may still be cheaper than driving a motor home or camper.


Every travel trailer comes with its own features. For example, not all of them have bathrooms. Or, a travel trailer may have a bathroom but not a shower. Some come with microwaves and stoves, while others may not. You should know what features are included in your travel trailer or which ones can be added on for a small fee before making your final purchasing decision with your auto dealer.

When you look at travel trailers, let your auto dealer know your budget and what you desire in the unit. This helps you narrow down your options and helps you pick among the best travel trailers for your needs overall.