Getting A New Car

Tips For Buying Your First Car

Are you looking to buy your own car for the first time with no help from anyone else? Maybe you are a college graduate or are just someone who is tired of riding the bus and is ready to get your own vehicle for the first time. Before you contact a local auto sales expert, here are some tips to help ensure your first-time car-buying experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Set a Budget

It can help a great deal if you set a firm number in your mind before you go online or walk onto a lot and start looking at cars. It can be easy when looking at different trim levels to want to go up one or two trims to get better features, but make a hard rule with yourself that you will stay under your budget so you don't splurge on things at the last minute.

Keep Additional Costs in Mind

When you are looking at car prices, keep in mind that the number on the sticker or listed on the online site might not be the final price. There could be additional taxes or dealer fees that will be added to the price by the time you sign on the dotted line. For this reason, make sure you pick a car that is at least a few thousand dollars under your budget so that you will still be under budget when all is said and done.

Make a List of Your Lifestyle Needs

Do you need an SUV for the whole family? Do you need cargo space for road trips and want luxury features that are only available in higher trims? Make a list of what is important to you and then do your own research on what types of cars or vehicles might be best for you long before you actually talk to an auto sales professional.

Consider New Versus Used

One more consideration is that you do have the option to buy a used car instead of a new one. Some dealers will have both new and used cars on the lot available for sale. A new car may have a longer warranty and offer more peace of mind, but a used car can save you money and also help you avoid the immediate depreciation that occurs when you drive a new car off the lot.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Auto sales experts are sometimes open to negotiation. If this is truly your first-ever car, you likely don't have a trade-in to barter with, but if you do, you might be able to push for more money here. You could also ask for a lower interest rate or ask for dealer add-ons to be removed if you don't need them. It can help to comparison shop and take more than one test drive, being sure to let the sales people know you are shopping around.

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